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Do you need to make a positive change in your life?
Do you need help with confidence or motivation at work?

Corporate training and development coach and mindfulness mentor Gina Bastiani has over 30 years’ experience in professional and personal development with both private and corporate clients. An expert in Coaching, NLP, Positive Psychology and confidence building techniques, Gina can help you to build the skills you need to transform your personal life or career.

Working with a broad selection of clients from all walks of life, Gina works with clients ranging from children in school, individuals struggling with personal happiness, motivation or confidence, corporate clients and businesses in need of support with communication and leadership coaching to help boost their own career or take their business and employees to the next level of success.

“With Gina Bastiani”

Coaching With NLP

[Neuro-Linguistic Programming]

Our coaching programmes will help you to move from a state of unresourceful thinking to a resourceful mindset in order for you to achieve your goals. Coaching can facilitate positive changes in your life and is based on the knowledge that you already have all the resources within you to achieve the goals you set.




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