Coaching With NLP

With the Happiness Coach

Coaching with NLP could help you to unlock your full potential, maximizing your skills and resources and empowering you to make the changes that are important to you. You will discover the strength and energy within yourself to make good decisions, increase your performance, improve your relationships and transform your life!

What is NLP Coaching?

NLP, standing for Neuro-Linguistic Programming, is a powerful concept utilised by life coaches to enhance self-development so that individuals can move towards a personal, inner transformation. NLP coaching focuses on the conscious as well as the subconscious, where your behaviours, memories and habits all influence your thinking to every last detail. Focusing on the subconscious, NLP coaching is extremely effective, using techniques that can help to change behaviours or your way of thinking. Through this process, individuals are able to release negative memories or feelings that can hold them back from making progress.

How NLP Coaching Works

Neuro:Neuro relates to the way in which each person establishes their own unique system for filtering and processing information absorbed daily through our senses. Our own unique filtering systems consists of personal conditioning, such as values, beliefs etc., that influence a unique understanding and experience of the world.

Linguistic:After our brain assigns our own unique meaning to information being received, it then begins conveying language to sounds, image, feels, smells and tastes. It is this assigned language that forms our conscious thoughts, which is why the way in which one person describes a situation may vary greatly from how another person would describe the same situation. 

Programming:Our habits, attitudes and behaviours form as a result of the information we take in and the influence of people around us, creating habits through repeated experiences. When we do something repetitively, such as eating, a health regime, how we speak, our brain creates neural pathways. However, these neural pathways can have both advantageous and detrimental effects which would result in them negatively impacting our lives. Not all neural programming is something we experience consciously. For example, 90% of communication is expressed through body language rather than linguistically.

What Do We Gain From NLP Coaching?

NLP coaching differs from traditional forms of therapies as it is solutions orientated. Rather than focusing on the problem, it focuses on re-mapping our NLP for a constructive change and a more positive psychology. By rewiring the systems our brain has formed throughout our lives, NLP coaching can help to improve leadership, charisma and language to gain confidence, happiness and motivation, or to break habits and overcome personal challenges such as drinking, smoking, anger management, weight management or other negative behaviours. 

Our NLP Coaching helps individuals with personal development in many aspects of their lives, gaining control of their lives by setting outcomes and goals, and equips them with the strategies to achieve them.