With the Happiness Coach

  • I was offered life coaching sessions with Gina while suffering the after effects of stress induced “burnout” from my workplace. I had no idea what these sessions would be like or by what methods they would be practiced as I had never experienced a stress related illness before. I found Gina to be immediately comfortable to be with, she quickly identified the best methods to help me to recover and I genuinely enjoyed these interactions. The techniques she showed me helped me to recover and to get through difficult moments upon my return to the workplace. I thoroughly enjoyed my time with Gina, she shines with kindness and really wants to help you to get better. I would have no hesitation in recommending Gina and would gladly use her services again if need be.

  • My recent Life coaching sessions with Gina have been really helpful in giving me clarity about what I want to do and have helped me to put things into perspective. Gina is a warm, friendly and attentive therapist and I found it very easy to build rapport with her and feel at ease. Our sessions were clear meaningful and positive and I felt much more focused and calm after each of them. Coaching with Gina has been a really positive and inspirational experience and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Gina to anyone who needs to take stock, re-evaluate and make changes to their life. It’s been a thoroughly brilliant experience.

  • Things from my end are so good right now. Thanks Gina for all you’ve done for me. I feel more confident and in control of my life. You have really helped me to see a way forward and I’m excited about the future now!

  • Gina, the facilitator, was inspirational; she is a very committed and skilful therapist and I would recommend her to anyone who feels they need some direction in their life.

  • Loved this course – will definitely be promoting to others!

  • Thank you so much for restoring my faith in humanity! It’s been a brutal few years for current events and it’s been so heartening to know that others value this project and it’s goals.

  • Thankyou l have really enjoyed the course and will use the learning throughout my life

  • The delivery of the leadership programme has been outstanding. Gina completely understood our ethos and what we were trying to achieve as a business. Gina and the trainers supported us and our staff through huge change and as a result we have moved forward in a coherent and successful way, increasing productivity and developing a really strong leadership team .